Friday, 15 March 2013

Yak Shack

I'd forgotten that this existed until one of my colleagues at work decided to treat themselves. It's a long walk to the other end of town, and I rarely get takeaways anyway, but this does sound very tempting.
The Yakmobile is a takeaway van with a difference. It pulls up in the layby near the Festival site every Tuesday evening, and serves up Nepalese and Thai food. They don't have a long menu, but what they do have is (according to my friend) absolutely delicious.
Kathmandu Curry, Gurkha's Delight, Thai curries and fish cakes, chicken Satay, crunchy wok vegetables, dal, and rice and noodles, and you can phone ahead with your order so that it's ready when you go to pick it up.
I don't have the leaflet, sadly, but it sounds worth searching out.

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