Thursday, 16 May 2013

Council Meeting Part Two - Haygarth Surgery and the Council Chambers

A new group has been formed of patients of Haygarth Surgery (the doctors cover Hay and Talgarth, hence the combined name). It's made up of patients who are also health professionals, so when they complain, they know what they're talking about.
And there does seem to be quite a bit to complain about.
I haven't been to the doctors for some time, but when I did last go, I noticed what a long time I had to book ahead to be seen. It seems that this is a common complaint, and there are other concerns, too. Apparently, they now give a form to patients to fill in, to tell the practice what the patients think of the service, but one person said that the questions on the form are biased, and each form has the name and time of appointment of the patient - so they're not going to be overly critical, are they?
The Town Council has the power to chase up the local Health Board, and they want to know if the Haygarth practice are following the statutory guidelines. They want to meet with the Practice Manager, too, to put the concerns of patients to them. They've been in touch with the other community councils in the area too, because people from Llanigon and Clyro and other villages use the doctors in Hay and Talgarth.

Next on the agenda was the fate of the Council Chambers themselves. One of the plans for the new Community Focused School is that the council chambers should be re-located in the new building - but several councillors felt that it wasn't appropriate for the offices to be in use while the school was in use. They felt it was important to retain a separate building. The present building is shared with several different offices at the moment, and the Annexe at the back is also rented out. And it's damp and needs maintenance, and it seems to be the responsibility of the County Council to do that maintenance. So they will be meeting with officials from the County Council soon to work out what the future of the building will be.

By this time of the evening, one of the ladies on the public seats had had a coughing fit and gone home, and the other lady wanted to go, but didn't want to go out on her own, so I joined her, and left the Council talking about Two Towns One World - they've just put up the Timbuktu Trail around town, but now the lady in charge has resigned and they have to work out how to carry on for the time they have funding.

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