Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Ready for the Festival

Hay Festival starts on Thursday.
The bunting is strung across the streets, the tents are up on the Festival field and the Castle grounds and around the Globe, and pop-up shops and exhibitions are appearing all around town.
In what used to be the bookshop on the Pavement, one of the new units has been taken by a clothes shop, while the shop opposite Booths (soon to be Bartrum's stationers) has bales of hay and picnic hampers in the window - I think it's something to do with a celebration of Welsh food.
Fabazaar have stencilled the words "The Old Electric Shop" on the windows of the shop at the end of Castle Street, which was once the SWALEC showroom and more recently the 321 Bookshop. They're selling Fairtrade goods.
And everywhere people are putting a last minute lick of paint on their shop fronts.

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