Thursday, 23 May 2013

Royal Visit

Prince Charles and Camilla are inside the shop - honest!

We had been waiting for Prince Charles to appear all morning. There was a rumour that he hadn't been able to use his helicopter, so he would be two hours late. He was supposed to be popping into Golesworthys, and Booth Books, and the Castle, and meeting schoolchildren down at the Festival site. And having lunch at some point.
While I was shelving books (wondering whether he'd have time to pop into the shop on his way down to the Festival site) I met a friend browsing.
"Avoiding Prince Charles?" I asked.
"I'm supposed to be meeting him!" he answered. He's one of the Cheesemarket Renovation committee, and Prince Charles had asked to meet them to find out about the Cheesemarket and how the project is going. With the delay, though, they had time to kill before they had to be back for the meeting.
When I came back to work from my lunch, and turned the corner to go up the hill, there was a crowd round the doorway to Golesworthys - so I did see the Prince, just about, and a silver bobbed haircut that must have been Camilla. Rob Golesworthy was inside the shop, looking very smart in his suit and mayoral chain - he's very tall, so I could see him quite easily from the back of the crowd.

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