Thursday, 8 August 2013

Customer Suggestion

A customer came up to the counter with a book the other day, and asked; "Do you do a discount for someone who's bought a book in every single shop in Hay?"
I had to admit that we didn't - but it's quite a fun idea. We could have a card that each shop would stamp as the customer went round.

A few years ago, there was a small pub chain called Mad O'Rourkes. Each pub had a theme - the first one I visited had an entire canal narrow boat as the bar. They'd taken the front off the pub to get it in! Another had a little pottery attached to it, and if you went round all six or eight of the pubs (I can't remember exactly how many he had in the end) and got a token at each one, you'd get a free mug. They were also famous for their Desperate Dan cow pies, huge things with pastry horns sticking out!


Emma Balch said...

That's a great idea! I would be happy to help you set it up. What do you think?

Emma Balch
Pottery Cottage B&B
01497 822931

Anonymous said...

This could only sound like a good idea to someone who doesn't know much about the divergence of personalities, stock and discounting philosophies of secondhand bookshop owners. Wouldn't even work on the Mumbles Mile, where you needed to drink a pint in every pub on the route, and where the madness was confined to the participants, and not the providers.


Eigon said...

I fear PH is right - it's an idea which sounds fun but would be impractical in real life!