Saturday, 3 August 2013

Small Business Saturday

A new flower shop has opened in Backfold.

This shop used to be "Uncle" Graham's pet shop. When I worked across the way at the Children's Bookshop (now Wool and Willow) my dog Islay used to laze around in the alley way, hoping to entice passers by into tickling her tummy - and then she'd take them over to the pet shop. There she would look at them as if to say: "You can buy me a biscuit if you want to." And they did! She got loads of treats, and Graham would give her pig's ears to chew. She would never take a biscuit or chew when she went into the shop, though - she always waited to be given one, though she would point to the ones she wanted. When I went to work at the main branch of the Children's Bookshop, taking Islay with me, Graham threatened to sue me for loss of earnings!

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