Wednesday, 28 August 2013

New Businesses in Town

Here's an example of the gorgeous artistic Buddhist calligraphy in the window of Hay's newest art gallery. It's called the Tashi Gallery, and all the artwork in there is by Tashi and based on Buddhist scripts. This is in the shop on the Pavement which was once a sweet shop, and has also been a bookshop and, most recently, a pop-up cafe.

Meanwhile, round the corner,

Bartrum's the Stationers has now opened as well. This was most recently Adela's Dress Agency, and I remember it as Antique Annie's Vintage clothes shop, where I was once a Saturday girl!

And in Backfold, the little shop which was most recently the Bone China Tea Room is now being re-invented as a computer shop!


Anonymous said...

Phil the Fruit has become a Buddhist?

Eigon said...

What a lovely thought! Sadly, I understand Phil has moved on, and the Tashi Gallery is under new ownership.