Sunday, 24 November 2013

Family Furnishers

Rumours that the Young Man and I broke the bed are completely unfounded!

I've been thinking of getting a new bed for a while. The old mattress was starting to get a bit lumpy and 'twangy' - and I've never really liked divans anyway (this bed came from my mum's in North Wales when I cleared the house for her, when she decided to sell up and stay in Greece permanently).
So I did a bit of research online, and when I went into Hereford to see the Young Man off at the end of his visit, I thought I'd walk out to the big furniture showroom and have a look at the beds there.
It was raining when I set off along Widemarsh Street, so when I saw a sign saying "Furniture Showroom 30 yards" I didn't need much encouragement to turn off down Catherine Street.
I saw the bed I wanted as soon as I stepped in through the front door. The young lady at the counter was lovely, and I bought it there and then, together with a decent mattress. She offered me a delivery date on Friday, and even gave me an hour slot (between 3pm and 4pm) for the bed to arrive.
By way of celebration, I went down to Poundstretcher and bought a new 15tog duvet as well.
Bless them, they came on the dot of 3pm, and took the old bed away as well.

I then spent the next three hours trying to put the thing together, and swearing at the top of my voice at the bright spark who invented Allen keys.
But it's done, and it looks fantastic, and it is so comfortable!

So, thank you, Family Furnishers!

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