Friday, 29 November 2013

Retail Therapy - Not!

I hate shopping in Hereford!
Why is it so hard to get a flat double bed sheet?
Why are lightshades all so hideous?

I started off well at the model shop near the bus station, where I got something special for my nephew for Christmas - and it all went downhill after that!
There's a specialist light fittings shop just up the ring road from there - and the only lightshades that weren't hideous were way out of my price range. (Actually, the hideous ones were mostly out of my price range, too!)
So I went on to Poundstretcher, to look for double sheets for my new bed. And TK Maxx and Wilkos, and the market, and anywhere else that looked as if it might possibly stock bedding - even Tesco. I even went in Laura Ashley to whistle at their prices! Eventually I trekked out to Sainsburys, and they were the first place where I found flat sheets rather than fitted. (I hate fitted sheets. I got rid of all the fitted sheets I inherited from my mum. Which is one reason why I need new sheets.)
I still need a new lightshade. In desperation, I got the least hideous shade I could find - one of those round paper ones from Wilkos - but it's only a temporary measure until I find something I can live with.
At All Saints there was a craft fair going on. I saw Martha from Love Zimbabwe, but I didn't stop to chat because I was feeling a bit snappish by that time.
And on the way through the square I was stopped by three different people collecting for the Red Cross.
I really needed that pint of Christmas Cheers from Hereford Brewery that I got at Wetherspoons while I waited for the bus home!


Anonymous said...

Snowy does lovely flat sheets of every size on the Market in Hay every Thursday. Very reasonably priced as well. As ever Hay has the solution!

Anonymous said...

Calm down, duckie!

Eigon said...

I'll check out the Market - thanks!