Thursday, 28 November 2013

Getting Ready for the Festive Period

Not a lot has been happening this week (and also I've been geeking out on all things Whovian rather than taking notice of what's going on in Hay!).
However, tonight the marquee is going up for the Food and Vintage Fairs, and the barriers around the Cheesemarket have been pulled back to make room for it. Christmas displays are going up in shop windows, and the Christmas lights are going up all round town.
So, tomorrow night is the switching on of the Lights by Mac Eager, and the start of the Hay Winter Festival, which lasts all weekend.
On Saturday is the Food Fair, and on Sunday it's the Vintage Fair.
And Salem Chapel is hosting an exhibition of driftwood sculptures, kimonos, painted boxes and cupboards, and prints and paintings. They'll be there for a week, and the exhibition is called Artefacts.

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