Sunday, 19 January 2014


The other day, I went into Bartrums to buy a ticket for the Burns Night party at the Castle, and while I was there I had a good look round. I remember the shop when it was Antique Annie's; in fact I was the Saturday girl there for a while. After that it was a bookshop for some time, and now it sells all sorts of pens and stationery.
It's over a year ago that I discovered, online, how to write in Circular Gallifreyan, those patterns of circles and dots and lines which decorate the present interior of the Doctor's Tardis and is the language of the Time Lords. I searched for a pair of compasses so I could use my Rotring pens to write the symbols - in vain. Modern school compasses only just fit a standard sized pencil, or have their own drawing point and don't use a pencil or pen at all. I ended up buying a plastic sheet with lots of different sized circles cut out of it, which works well, but means I cannot draw anything above the maximum size on the sheet.
In Bartrums, I found a compass which will fit a Rotring pen! I'm looking forward to producing Circular Gallifreyan artwork shortly.

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