Friday, 17 January 2014


There have been articles in the local papers recently - even getting as far afield as the Ledbury Reporter! - that dogs in Hay are at risk from a disease which is spread by rats. It's called leptospirosis - and it can also be spread through the water supply, and it attacks the liver and kidneys.
Rats, of course, spread other diseases as well, which are dangerous to humans as well as dogs.
Which is why it seems incredibly short sighted of the County Council to propose closing the pest control department to save money. Getting rid of rats (and wasps and other unpleasant creatures) is a local government responsibility because it is a public health problem. Like so many other cuts, it will save money in the short term, but cost much more in the long term - but the money will probably come out of some other pot, which the county councillors aren't responsible for, like the NHS.
Just at the moment, I'm glad I don't have a dog any more.

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Anonymous said...

One wonders about the wisdom of the "poo baskets"......