Friday, 10 January 2014

Red Boots

I'm putting a costume together for a Comic Convention later this year, and I needed some red boots.
Captain Marvel looks like this:

I will not look quite like that, but I'll be doing my best! It would have been nice to be able to go to the Marvel Comics website and buy a top with the gold star and stripe on it, but despite the character having the same name as the comics, they don't sell any. In fact, they only sell three designs of women's t-shirts, one of which is pink with the words "Girl Power" on it.
So I have made my own. The star is a bit wobbly, but it's recognisable as the same costume. I found red gloves at the Antique Market, and I have dark blue leggings, so all I needed were the boots.

A little while ago, I bought some lovely green boots from Adela's, for another costume I'll be doing this year - Green Arrow (well, I already had the longbow, so it was a simple one to get together). There were red boots in the same design, but Adela's didn't have my size in stock. I said I'd wait, and they said they'd get some more in.
Just after New Year, I went up to Adela's with some cash in my pocket to see if they'd managed to get any more boots in. They hadn't, and that was fine, until the assistant suggested that I could buy boots of another colour and spray them red myself.
"Why would I want to do that, when I know that the boots I want exist?" I asked her. And dyeing things yourself always looks rubbish. Besides, I wanted to wear the boots for work as well as costume - I'm not made of money!
So I went straight up the hill to Number Two. They had red boots of a slightly different design in the window, and there they were on the sale shelf. I picked them up, and they were my size. I tried them on, and they were comfortable. They were also £30 off in the sale, and I had the cash in my pocket.

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