Friday, 14 February 2014

Local Bank Branches

I got a confusing gas bill (but then, I'm easily confused), so this morning I went down to my local Barclays branch to find out what was going on with the direct debit.
I don't like direct debits, because I have no control over them, but I wasn't given a choice when I signed up to Good Energy, and I wanted to have renewable energy, so I agreed to it. So far it hasn't been a problem at all - and it may not be a problem now (I'm waiting to hear back from Good Energy now).
It was so nice to be able to walk down the road to talk, face to face, with a real person, who I know, to find out what the problem was, and show her the bills and bank statements. Ringing up or emailing is far more frustrating.
I told the lady in the bank this as I left, and she said that the Chief Executive of Barclays had been on the TV last night, claiming that it was okay to sack front line staff because people wanted to bank online these days.
Personally, I'd rather keep my money under the mattress and do without a bank altogether than do online banking - and while there's a local branch, I want to use it.
I'm sure I'm not the only one.

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