Sunday, 2 February 2014


One of my friends on Facebook linked to a site for a new brand of ecologically friendly cleaning products. I've been using Ecover for years, and I'm very happy with the brand, but I always forget about refilling the bottles. Splosh starts off by selling you the bottle and a sachet of concentrated washing up liquid (or whatever) and then you just send off for the refill sachets and keep the bottle. So instead of shipping large plastic bottles around, they are just sending out the small, light sachets, which reduces the impact of transport on the environment. The ingredients are also plant derived, safe for septic tanks and not tested on animals. They reckon that, if everyone in the UK switched to their system, it would stop 100 million plastic bottles a year from being made, used once and then thrown away. They are based in Hay, which means even less transport, so I thought I had to give them a try.
I sent off for their starter pack, with washing up liquid and laundry detergent. It's very easy to get started - you just run your hot tap, and fill the container with the sachet inside. I've started to use the washing up liquid now, and it comes up lovely and bubbly, with a strong grapefruit scent (they also do lime and pomegranate). The bubbles die down fairly quickly, but they get everything just as clean as the Ecover does. I'm still using up my Ecover laundry powder, so I have yet to try their detergent.
After I'd sent off for my starter pack, I noticed that Splosh products are on sale at the Wholefood shop, which makes it even more convenient for me.
They can be found online at

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