Thursday, 17 April 2014

Fire Engine

Over the past few months, there has been talk at the Council meetings of the old Hay fire engine, which has been found in a barn somewhere near Hay.
About a week ago, Alan Powell went along to take photos.
Sadly, it was not the fire engine they had thought it was. He showed me some of the pictures the other day.
What they had thought was that this was the horse drawn wooden fire engine - he showed me a photo of it, painted bright red and in pretty good condition.
There had been another fire engine, though, which was a horse drawn steam engine - and this was the one in the barn. Or rather, the remains of it after it had been stripped down for salvage during the Second World War. Only the bottom part of the boiler remained, and it would take an awful lot of work and skill to get it back to anything like the original condition. He showed me another picture of the fire engine in its heyday, with all the firemen posed around it, with gleaming brass.... Sadly I don't think it will ever look like that again.

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