Wednesday, 2 April 2014

More on Rubbish Sacks

At lunch time today, I met one of my neighbours going across the road to another with some of the purple rubbish sacks that had been delivered yesterday - because our neighbour across the road hadn't been left any. "They don't pick up my food waste, either," she complained. It's hard to see how they miss her, since her front door opens straight onto the main road, and is obviously a separate house from the pub and shop around her.
My other neighbour is harder to find, living up a side alley between two shops, so it's not so surprising that she gets missed out when sacks (or anything else) are distributed. But now there is no County Council office in Hay, she has to ring them up to complain - and then they tell her to order the bags online - and then they don't come, so she rings up again, and they have to be delivered from Llandrindod Wells.... I can't believe that all that hassle is cheaper than having an office in Hay that you can go into in person and deal with another human being. And they used to keep a store of sacks in the office to give out.
So I'm not taking my extra sacks round to the Library now - I'm giving them to the lady who has so far failed to get any, and she can give the spares to anyone else she knows who hasn't got any.

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