Tuesday, 1 April 2014


When I got home at lunchtime today, I saw that the Council had been distributing the purple rubbish sacks around town. These are the ones for non-recyclable waste, and are collected every two weeks. Recyclable waste (in red and blue bags for different categories) goes every week, along with food waste (in the green caddies). Unless you are part of the new scheme where you get plastic containers to put your waste in... it all gets very complicated.
Anyway, they left each house three rolls of sacks.
I use one sack every month, at the most, and when I opened my kitchen cupboard I found that I still had three rolls from last year, untouched, and another two that I have used a few sacks from.
I don't particularly want a kitchen cupboard overflowing with sacks that I'm never going to use. When the County Council had a proper office in Hay, in the Council Chambers, I used to take surplus rolls of sacks there to be re-used. I'm going to see if I can do the same thing with Library Plus.

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