Monday, 31 March 2014

Seeing Mid Wales by Bike

It was raining hard when this particular customer was ready to leave the shop, so he lingered to see if it would ease off. He'd just bought a couple of guide books to Mid Wales, and said he'd been cycling around the area on an electric mountain bike on behalf of Drover Holidays, for whom he was about to write a travel article.
He'd certainly covered some ground - up to Builth Wells, and across to the Elan Valley. "There was a tea shop there," he said. "No wifi, no mobile signal - alien to me, but nice alien! And the Welsh have all been so friendly!"
He'd also managed to get to the area around Strata Florida Abbey (in its day, one of the most important abbeys in Wales). He'd had glorious weather, too, right until he got in the car to come to Hay!

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