Friday, 28 March 2014

Making the Castle More Beautiful

I missed seeing any of the archaeology around the castle in the last couple of weeks. Last Friday morning I was far too full of a cold to think about helping with the backfilling of the trenches. The purpose of the dig was to investigate the area that a new fence was about to be built on, and when I walked up through town this morning I saw that it is already up. They've gone for chestnut palings, which will weather to a silvery grey - but hopefully by then more work will have been done on the fabric of the building itself to consolidate the walls.
The dig didn't seem to find much in the way of medieval remains, according to the stories in the B&R and Hereford Times, but they did find evidence of a lot of re-modelling in Victorian and Georgian times - which in itself is interesting, showing the changing uses of the site over the whole of its history.

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