Friday, 7 March 2014

Forthcoming Events

If I wanted to, I could be out all weekend at different events.
Here's a taste of what's going on over the coming month:

This afternoon, there's a peg loom weaving demonstration at the Harp Inn in Glasbury, by the Harp Crafters, from 1pm to 4pm. The Harp also has a folk/acoustic night - the next one is on Saturday 15th.
It's also the International Women's Day of Prayer - every year a different church in the area hosts the event, and this year it's the turn of St Michael's in Clyro. The service is written by a different women's group around the world every year, and this year it's the turn of Egypt.
Or I could go to the Globe for an evening of local live music under the banner The Company of Fools.

Tomorrow morning, Transition Hereford are walking from the Swimming Pool to the statue of the bull in High Town, where they will be holding a demonstration to draw attention to climate change, with songs, placards and possibly speakers.
There's something on at the Bishop Bevan Hall in Brecon too, but I've lost the piece of paper I wrote it down on - some sort of craft fair, I think. It's also the day of the Brecon Farmers' Market.

Next week, the Castle will be opening its doors to encourage people to volunteer to help run it. They're offering tea and cakes at 3.30pm on the 12th March, and the chance to join in organising Easter egg hunts, tours of the castle during Hay Festival, and re-stocking the Honesty Book shelves (which was the first job I had when I came to Hay!).

Athene English, who has a shop on Castle Street and is an expert on Welsh blankets, is giving a talk to the Brilley Monday Club on Monday 17th March. They meet every third Monday of the month at the Village Hall.

At Booths Bookshop, the Fitzwilliam Quartet will be playing on 17th March, and they have an exhibition on at the moment of work by a local artist, Hannah Firmin, who designed the covers for the No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency series by Alexander McCall Smith.

We're also in the middle of the Borderlines Film Festival - it started on 28th February and runs until 16th March. The film at the Bookshop Cinema this week is The Book Thief, and on the 13th they're doing a live feed from the National Theatre to show War Horse on stage.

21st to 23rd March is the Dark Skies Festival, with lots of astronomy related events.

And at the end of the month, it's Mother's Day - The Old Railway Line Garden Centre are putting on a special meal at their restaurant, and offering free local flower delivery, and the Baker's Table in Talgarth are offering afternoon tea with live music.


Eigon said...

There was a last minute change of plans for the climate change rally, as other events were going on around the statue of the bull, so they ended up outside All Saint's Church instead.

RDE said...

And on Mother's Day it's also Mothering Sunday, to give it it's traditional title.