Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Building works around Town

The railings around the Cheesemarket have come down now, as the work is finished apart from the finishing touches. They have painted the exterior woodwork a deep maroon, which is the colour it was painted in 1840, and looks very smart. They are having an opening ceremony on Easter Saturday, 19th April, by which time there will be interpretative boards up showing the history of the Cheesemarket, but they are taking bookings for the open hall and the flat now.
And as one lot of railings comes down, another lot goes up around the Council Chambers, where they are replacing the electricity sub-station around the back of the toilets. That work is expected to last around ten days.
And when I was going up Heol-y-dwr the other day, I noticed that the police station was encased in a scaffolding cage. I assume they were doing something to the flat roof.
And the roofs are going on the new Millbank houses now - which are making the road past the Globe seem a lot narrower now. This was where the garage forecourt used to be.


Anonymous said...

Have you noticed the plastic chimneys on the new roofs at Millbank? How on earth are those hideous things permitted within the Brecon Beacons National Park?
And then if the new homeowner wants a wood burner at a later date,they let them put a stainless steel flue up the side of the property!!

RDE said...

I'd rather have the glass fibre replica chimneys of Millbank than those awful white plastic front doors and plastic windows that seem to blight everywhere these days. They're not even recyclable either once their short life is up.

Anonymous said...

I assume you are referring to upvc doors and windows?
Short life span and non recyclable?
Check out a previous link on here where the wooden windows on DeBreos Court are already needing replacing,and as for non recyclable,check out the following link

Dave W said...

UPVc windows have a lifespan of around ten years. The timber windows in my house are 220 years old and still going strong. I suspect the windows in DeBreos Court were poorly constructed in the first place, hence their deterioration.