Sunday, 9 March 2014

All sorts of Interesting Bargains

I was in my back garden when I heard the accordian playing. Thinking that it might be the Morris dancers back in the square, I went up to have a look, but it was only one of Hay's regular buskers outside the bank.
While I was up there, though, I decided to go up to the Old Curiosity Shoppe in the castle, to see if they had any gold brooches I could use for my Captain Marvel costume - I'd drawn a blank round all the charity shops, but I had come away with a rather pretty silver Celtic brooch from one of them.
On the way through the Honesty Bookshop I noticed a box full of maps on the floor, and stopped to have a look, and while I was down on my knees, Liz the Egg Lady, who used to work at the Jigsaw Shop, came by. And sold me half a dozen duck eggs from her basket instantly - I've not had a regular supply since the Jigsaw Shop closed. I also arranged to get a bag full of egg boxes to her - I've been collecting them for a while, and hadn't been sure who I could pass them on to.
Up at the Curiosity Shoppe, I found the perfect brooch as soon as I stepped through the door - actually a scarf clasp, which is even better to hold Captain Marvel's sash together.
On the way down through town, I stopped to look in Oxfam's window - they're doing a display of kitchen equipment at the moment. They had a lovely old fashioned scales with all the weights, from 2lbs to a quarter of an ounce. It was £20. I used to have something similar years ago, though not as strikingly black and copper as this one, and at the moment I've got a modern cheap plastic one, which is okay, but unlovely. The modern plastic one has just been retired, and the old fashioned one now has pride of place on my kitchen window sill.
I'd almost forgotten that I'd bought something incredibly useful from Fleur de Lys, the antique shop across the road from Oxfam. I think too many other things must have been going on at the time. But Sally called me in the other day to ask if it had worked out. I picked up a semi-circular two tier wire shelf from her a little while ago. It was intended to go round a bathroom sink, but I wanted it for a cupboard in the kitchen. The main shelf in the cupboard had fallen off its supports, and I didn't want to trust it with a load of crockery on it again, so I took it out completely - but that meant I had a lot less storage space than before. This shelf just squeezed in through the cupboard door, and has given me all the storage space I needed for those smaller things that can't be piled up on the cupboard floor.

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