Monday, 7 September 2015

A New Venture for Brecon Brewing

So, my Young Man got on the train this lunch time, after a week's holiday in Hay - we had a wonderful time, and of course, I was far too busy doing other things to do any blogging.

While he was here, though, we did notice something interesting on Facebook.
Buster Grant is the brewer at Brecon Brewing. His beers are fairly easily found in the area - Kilvert's usually has one of them on the bar, for instance. The brewery has been doing well since they started in 2011 - so they've decided it's time to try something new.
They want to open their own pub. It will be called the Brecon Tap, and will stock beer from Brecon Brewing as well as guest beers (mainly from Wales). They also have friends in Wales who produce spirits, so will be stocking them, too - and good quality wine as well, because they will also be offering food, with local ingredients, including their "soon to be famous" Brecon Pies.
And they will have a Tap Shop, to sell bottled beers (and those pies).

It all sounds wonderful, and would be something a little bit different in Brecon town centre - and they want to raise the money to do it with a Kickstarter campaign.
Contributors to the campaign (there is a minimum amount of £100) will benefit by having a loyalty card which will entitle them to goods worth 50% of the amount they have given each year for a period of five years. They do have commercial financing available to them, but say that they would rather spread the benefits among their customers.
For more information, they have a website at

and here is Buster himself, with some of his beer.

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