Sunday, 13 September 2015

More of the History Weekend

Here's the French knight (from Heroes of Chivalry) on the parade around Hay yesterday afternoon. Mari Fforde took the photo.

This morning a Pop-Up Museum of Hay has been set up in the main hall of the Castle, with lots of photos and documents - a performance of the Mikado, the Hay Territorials in Aden and India during the First World War, and various views of Hay. There are maps, too, and a flag that was a present from somewhere in Canada. Books on local subjects are also available to buy - and some of the authors are there, too, doing the organising.
In the entrance hall, Mrs Jones has her Welsh costume on, and a display of Welsh flannels and shawls.
And there's tea and cake - they were busy all day yesterday (and the cakes are delicious).

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