Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Supporting Refugees

Hay has a history of helping refugees. During the First World War, according to the extracts from local newspapers of the time which were posted on the railings of the Cheesemarket (before being incorporated in the recently published book about Hay in the First World War) was a story about a Belgian family, displaced by the fighting, which was offered rent free accomodation in Hay.

Now, the refugee crisis in the Middle East has come into sharp focus because of the photo of the poor drowned child that has been in the news, though refugees have been coming to Europe for several years. But now seems to be the time to do something about it. In Hay, Liz Meres held a meeting at the Granary last Friday, and was overwhelmed by offers of help. The newly formed group will have a stall on Hay Market tomorrow, with information about the refugee crisis and a petition to sign to be sent to the government.
In Brecon, a group has been meeting with the Dean of Brecon Cathedral to discuss how the church and local groups can work together to help. They will also be having a market stall, on September 12th.
The Hay Festival Box Office, at the end of Lion Street, is now a drop off point for contributions to help the refugees - they are looking for good quality clothing and camping gear to be distributed throughout Europe.
More information can be found at and they also have a Facebook page.

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Eigon said...

Latest news from Liz Meres: At present Hay Festival are not taking any donations as there is no one to take it and nowhere to store it. Please let us know if you have anything to donate, but please understand that it is more important now to donate money to charities working with refugees so that they can get what they need, volunteer to help, or lobby the UK government to do more.