Friday, 25 September 2015

Entertaining my Mum at the Basky

Wednesday night is acoustic night at Baskerville Hall, of course - I always go with Brian if I can, and I thought Mum would enjoy it too. She was telling me about a similar evening where she lives in Cyprus, when they were entertained by a group called the Mazokists (the village is Mazetos).
Mum had a great time - I sang a couple of Girl Guide songs that she'd taught me, which we would sing in the car when we were going on family holidays, and another girl joined in with the harmonies because she'd learned them at Brownies (You'll Never Get to Heaven and Quartermaster's Stores). Huw Parsons performed a poem about the North in her honour, too. And Malcolm Scott-Wilson performed the sequel to Albert and the Lion, Albert's Return (in which Mr and Mrs Ramsbottom almost get their hands on the insurance money for Albert....).
That was the night that Baskerville Hall was host to an international mathematics convention, and several of the mathematicians came to join in - one very good violinist, who was American, and a French girl who needed a bit of encouragement. Later in the evening, a Dutch guy got up and declaimed a speech from Shakespeare about the perfect woman.
Bob Evans, by the way, who organises the evenings, now has his CD out, with several songs which regulars to the Basky know well enough to sing along to, including the only song in the world with the word "quinquereme" in it, The Drum. (It's an Ancient Greek warship). He is accompanied on the CD by Alan Cooper on fiddle, and Di Esplin, the Lady with the Cello. It's a bargain - only a fiver!

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