Friday, 6 November 2015

Celebrating Hallowe'en

I carved a pumpkin, of course.
And putting it in the window attracted about half a dozen giggly young witches to the door. I never have sweets for them, but I do have a collection of cheap bangles and bits and pieces that I keep to give away, so they went away quite happy.
Then it was up to Red Indigo with the Young Man for a delicious meal. There was a waiter I haven't seen before, who was very jovial. He was chatting about sports cars at another table, and told the Young Man that his choice of main course (the salmon and tiger prawn fusion) was very healthy, and would build his strength up!
When we walked home there were still groups of kids in costume wandering about - the following day I saw a trail of flour that had been left, little heaps at intervals up the pavement, but it seemed to end with an arrow pointing at the Blue Boar, so I don't think that can have been left by little kids!
I'd bought tickets for the Hallowe'en Party at the Globe, and we dressed up for the occasion. The Young Man even put his fangs in, and looked very smart in a pseudo-Victorian way. I wore my Goth dress and opera cloak.
Sadly, this turned out to be a bit of a disappointment. There were very few people there, though just before we left a group of half a dozen came in who had made a real effort with their costumes. I particularly liked the Bride, and the skeleton with the top hat. The DJ didn't seem to have made much of an effort either - the playlist could have been for any time of year, with no Hallowe'en themed music at all.
So we went home and watched Doctor Who on iPlayer. Zygons! UNIT! Lots of fun!

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