Monday, 16 November 2015

Pick and Mix

On Saturday evening, I was invited to the Hay Writers' Circle book launch at Booth Books.
On sale was their new collection, Pick and Mix, and they were celebrating with wine and an impressive selection of nibbles.
Some years ago, I thought about joining the Writers' Circle - but when I write, fantasy and science fiction comes out, and the ladies (and it was nearly all ladies) in the group back then didn't really know what to make of dragons or space ships.
Having chatted to a few of the present members, though, I may just give it another go.
Several of the people there were also musical, belonging to the choir that meets in the Catholic church, and sings at some of their services though they are not all Catholics. The lady I was talking to said it seemed like a fair exchange for the use of the building.
Lyn Webster Wilde was there, too, so I asked her how her film The Dancing Floor is progressing. She said they're at the stage of looking for investment, which is something she's never done before - she's having to become a Jack of all trades!
Another lady there has just turned her manuscript in to her publisher - she's written a crime novel, so I'll be looking out for that when it's finally ready.
It was a very pleasant evening, and I hope the book sells well!

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Emma said...

Sorry I missed this post - thanks for coming along to a splendid evening - lovely wine, nibbles and company, plus the book sold extremely well too! :D