Saturday, 7 November 2015

Singing and Fireworks at Baskerville Hall

I was up at Baskerville Hall with Brian for the usual Wednesday evening session - in the ballroom that night, as it's bigger. It was fairly quiet for the first half, but after the break for chips at 9pm a group of ladies on a course came to join us (something to do with play?) and it all got a lot more participatory! George had them standing on chairs and waving their arms around!
Brian was up there the following night as well, for the big fireworks display. The Lions put it on, and raise money for Dial-a-Ride. He had volunteered to help with the car parking, and ended up marshalling all the 4x4s onto the field, where it was better for them - if it was wet, they had more chance of making it back out again through the mud!
There was a good crowd:

This picture was taken by Mari Fforde.

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