Thursday, 12 November 2015

Down At Baskerville Hall

I was at Baskerville Hall last night - another fun night, in the more intimate surroundings of the bar this time, rather than the ballroom.  Susan is branching out from Noel Coward and Hillaire Belloc to archy and mehitabel (archy is a cockroach poet who can't use the shift key on the typewriter).  My mum had such a good time when she came over to visit that she sent me a poem to read out so she could join in by proxy (she didn't write it - she clipped it out of a newspaper).  And there was Bob and George and Justin and Thomasin, Huw the poet and John the Banjo, Paul with his giant bass guitar and Sara with her drum, and a couple of others.
Last week, George sang his version of what happens at Baskerville Hall to the tune My Love's in Germany ("send him home" became "Baskerville"), and now Dave has put his song about Baskerville Hall on Youtube!

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