Thursday, 31 December 2015

A Rousing End to the Year

I've had my New Year's Eve party a little bit early!
It was the last acoustic evening of the year at Baskerville Hall, and a good crowd turned out for it. The German lady with the harp came with a friend who does step dancing - and she just happened to have the proper shoes with her. A piece of board was found somewhere in the hotel so she could dance in the middle of the bar - it doesn't work on carpet!
And there was poetry from Huw - a beautiful love poem he'd written as recently as Christmas Day, and classic nonsense from Lear (the Dong with the Luminous Nose) - and I'd found a ballad about the Great Flood of 1872 in Manchester, which was my attempt to be topical.
There were also guitars, ukeleles, mouth organs, tambourines, flutes and Irish whistles from Thomasin, pop and rock and roll and, as a finale to the evening, The Potato Song from Geoff.
The Canadian lady was back for a visit, too, sketching the musicians.

Bob Evans, who keeps the evenings going with a swing, made a CD a little while ago, with Di Esplin the cellist and Alan Cooper the fiddler. He's having an official launch for it on 8th January, at the Muse in Brecon. It's £5 on the door, and it should be another good night.

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