Saturday, 26 December 2015

Boxing Day Hunt

They'll be getting to Tack Wood about now - because the fields are so wet, they've started off on the roads, but the Master of the Hunt said that he was very pleased that all the farmers had allowed them open access despite the wet conditions.
It was a good crowd, with seven or eight small children on ponies - they just come for the parade at the clock tower, and not for the hunt itself - and a big crowd of spectators. I was standing with Mary Fellowes, who used to hunt herself, and she said that most of the riders had come over from Radnorshire today. I would have a photo, but my camera is being unco-operative today.
Apparently, it's the seventieth anniversary of the Golden Valley Hunt meeting at the Clock Tower on Boxing Day - the applause at this made half the horses skittish - and they're hoping to still be doing it in seventy years time.
Despite a quite detailed speech against the Hunting Ban, though, it was announced that the hunt would be complying with the law today - though the Master is hopeful that the ban will be overturned during the present Parliament.
And next Tuesday, they'll be meeting again somewhere in Boughrood, to go over jumps - the Master said that children were especially welcome.


Anonymous said...

Long may this dreadful pursuit remain banned.

Anonymous said...

Get used to it. You're in the countryside, not the city.

Anonymous said...

What a terrible attitude: narrow minded and simply cruel. How sad.

Anonymous said...

It's not a terrible attitude and it's certainly not narrow-minded.

I think perhaps you ought to go and talk to some farmers. What foxes do to livestock can also be deemed as cruel.

Anonymous said...

I responded to this awful response but my comment has not appeared, thus will try again:
I repels this is a terrible and narrow minded attitude. No longer do we need such barbaric acts in the name of sport to control the fox. This is 2016 & your knowledge needs updating somewhat, as does your untroubled willingness to condone such barbaric acts.

Eigon said...

Sorry your comment was lost, Anonymous - and it can take a little while for comments to appear anyway, because I only look at the computer in the evenings to okay them.