Sunday, 6 December 2015

Photography Exhibition at the Globe

Torn is an exhibition by Tottie Aarvold, up around the gallery of the Globe. I was invited to the preview, which I rather enjoyed. I'm not sure that I'd want the pictures on my walls at home, (except maybe the blue graffiti head that seems to be eating a flight of steps!) but the pictures certainly give you something to think about. Several of them were taken in Ibiza, and others in Birmingham.
We sipped mulled cider from china tea cups, and ate the most gorgeous canapes. The Globe has been advertising their fantastic new chef for a little while now - and he really is good! I believe someone said he'd come from Bristol. At the moment they have screened off part of the upstairs gallery for him to work, but they are putting in a better kitchen in the basement, and will be doing more with the cafe side of the Globe in the New Year.
Tottie has also been responsible for several of the more dramatic window displays at the Red Cross shop in the last year or so, and also at Number Two.
The exhibition goes on until the 28th February next year.

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