Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Mission Accomplished

I went into Hereford this afternoon on a mission. Ever since the Young Man told me there was such a thing as a Jedi Librarian, I've wanted to make the costume. In fact, I already have most of it - a brown skirt, brown top and boots. All I needed to finish it off was a length of material to make two strips of cloth over the shoulders, and a broad belt. Like this:

So I went to Doughty's on Capuchin Yard, and found some cotton in just the right buttery yellow colour - the design of lines will be drawn on later, with a marker pen. The young man there was very helpful, and even measured over my shoulders to get the right length of material from the roll (100 inches should do it). So I'll be pulling out the sewing machine from where it's hiding in the next day or two, for some costume making.
Flushed with success, I headed next to Cartridge World to get new ink cartridges for my printer....only to find they have completely vanished and the shop is to let.
So I tried WH Smiths, but they don't do the right make.
I bought the printer from PC World, right out of town up Widemarsh Street. Ah, well, I had plenty of time for a walk.
Fortunately they still stock the right ink.
Back in the middle of town, I stopped by a very busy Lichfield Vaults for a half. It was so warm I sat out in the beer garden.
And then I had leisure for looking round a few charity shops, and browsing through Marks and Spencers to see if there was anything that caught my eye to buy with the gift voucher I got for Christmas. I think I may use this as an excuse to go to Cardiff sometime soon.
And right beside the Oxfam Bookshop, I found a new printer cartridge shop - so I may try there first next time, so I don't have to walk all the way out of town, and dodge the cars at the roundabout by the Heart of Oak!

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