Saturday, 10 September 2016

Going to the Vet at Kington

We were on the way back to Hay after climbing Brecon Cathedral tower (and here's a picture of the very top turret):

Before we climbed the tower, we had walked down into the woods surrounding the cathedral so that Denzel the Staffie could stretch his legs before he was shut in the car. Somewhere down there, he had got something in his eye, and Brian thought it best to phone the vet in Kington and take him over there to have it seen to.
A lot of people in Hay use the Kington vets. I'd never been before - I used to go to the Hay vets in Lamb House, before they moved to their new, purpose-built surgery on Forest Road, and I always found them helpful and friendly.
On the way, we passed the doctor's surgery - apparently they are finding it very difficult to attract new doctors to work there, even though Kington is a very nice place to live. This isn't just a problem in Kington - there's a more general shortage of GPs across the country.
The vets surgery is down a little lane just off one of the roundabouts on the edge of Kington - I don't know the names of the roads, but the nearest pub on the way into Kington from that roundabout is the Olde Tavern. We were going to the outside of the ring road.
Denzel, by this time, had managed to get the thing out of his eye - it was a piece of leaf that had been smeared across his eyeball. But Brian had been meaning to take him for some routine check ups anyway.
While they were in the consultation room, we started to notice how the building had been converted from something else. There was a broad stripe across the tiled floor, and near the end of the stripe was a brass fitting in the floor. Jane suggested that it had been the place where a sliding door/wall had been secured, so we went looking behind the reception desk for the other end of it - as you go in, there's a reception area with a little shop for dog leads and toys and chews and so on. One of the staff said that the building used to be a trouser factory. All the staff there seemed to be young women with their hair scraped up into a bun, and they were all very friendly and cheerful, even when we were asking them to move boxes so we could see if there was another brass fitting on the floor!
So, Denzel was fine, and we went back to Hay "the pretty way" - by the back roads, which made me laugh, because the main road is very pretty as well!

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