Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Good News!

Firstly, the Hay Ho Sunday bus has been confirmed for another year between Hay and Hereford.
Secondly, Red Indigo has re-opened for business after criminal damage meant that their bow window had to be replaced - by a flat window, sadly, as the original bow was probably made to fit that unique window.
and thirdly, two and a half cheers for Powys County Council, who have rejected plans to close Gwernyfed and Brecon High schools. There's still another step to go through when the cabinet make the final decision on Tuesday September 27th.
What the cabinet is now being asked to do is to submit a revised Outline Business Case to the Welsh government's 21st century schools programme for capital investment in both campuses, including a new build school in Brecon and improvements to Gwernyfed campus.

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Ian Charlesworth; Chair of Governors said...

It is really good news that the Council have listened to the communities served by Gwernyfed High School and decided not to close and to spend some money on the site. Well done and thank you to all those people who made a noise. Local Community action can work. However - modified rapture - we still have to make sure that the school remains independent and not become a campus of Brecon and we want to make sure that those who want to do their A levels at Gwernyfed are able to do so. So far there is no guarantee that GHS will remain an 11-18 school in the long term. As you say "Two and a half cheers."
Many thanks for all your publicity Leslie.