Thursday, 29 September 2016

Local School Building Programme

So Clyro School is about to be completely rebuilt, as it is now overcrowded with all the children who used to go to Rhosgoch and Fynnon Gynydd schools (now closed down). In the B&R, the headmistress says she is thrilled by the decision, which is part of a larger school building programme. Hay, Talgarth, Llangorse and Llyswen are also supposed to be rebuilt at the same time.
The one problem with this is - where are the children from Clyro going to go to school while their present school is demolished and the new one is being built on top? Apparently there is no space on school property for portacabins for the year of re-building as well as the construction work. On James Gibson-Watt's Facebook page, someone has suggested that the school relocates to Llanigon, which was also closed, for the duration - but Llanigon is apparently unfit for use. Apparently it was just left to deteriorate when it closed down. Rhosgoch school building was sold, and Fynnon Gynydd school building reverted to the original owner, so neither of those are available to house the children either.
The contractors building the five schools are Willmott Dixon, who have a lot of experience in school building, according to someone on James Gibson-Watt's Facebook page who says he has worked with them before. He also says they have a good track record of working with local businesses as sub-contractors.

Meanwhile, the BBNP has recommended that an archaeological excavation should take place in advance of the building of the new Hay School. Gareth Ratcliffe seems to think that excavation could take place very quickly, on his Facebook page.

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Emma Balch said...

Hi Lesley, the school will be in temporary accommodation in the grounds of Baskerville Hall during the rebuild. Emma