Saturday, 17 September 2016

Pottering around the Cafes

My mum and her partner are visiting - and they are not in the first flush of youth, so we are taking things really easily, with lots of stops at cafes. This means that I've been into some of the cafes in Hay that I haven't set foot in for years!
Kevin is very impressed with the espresso coffee at Isis, which they did at double strength for him.
At the Secret Garden mum and I had a pot of tea and toasted teacakes, which they can't get in Cyprus. Kevin had strong coffee again, with a glass of water, as it's often served in Cyprus - and then asked for ice cubes to go in the water, which they brought for him in a little dish.
This morning we were in Oscars for more coffee (the mocha was very nice).
And last night, we went to the chip shop for three fish and one large portion of chips - which was quite enough between three of us! And they really enjoyed the mushy peas - something else that they can't get in Cyprus.

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