Thursday, 9 March 2017

Helicopter at Baskerville Hall

I got chatting to a couple who came into the shop a couple of days ago. They were staying at Baskerville Hall, and were quite excited to relate that they were watching when guests arrived in a helicopter! It landed right on the lawn beside the hall! Apparently, they were willing to land further away, in the field, but David, the owner, was happy for them to get as close as possible.
Who could it be? Speculation leapt to reclusive rock stars, or maybe minor royalty!
As usual, I went to the Wednesday night acoustic evening - and there were the helicopter people, in the bar, wearing polo shirts with the logo Skyhook Helicopters.
It turns out that they are not rock stars after all, but they are involved with rocks. They're actually working in the area, using the helicopter to transport loads of stone up the mountain above Talgarth to repair the footpaths there - because it's difficult to get any other sort of vehicle up there.
The bar was packed to the limit with performers and audience, including the couple who had told me about the helicopter to begin with. She'd had her hair done in Hay that day - she asked me for a recommendation, and I suggested Lucinda's on Castle Street. She looked quite pleased with the result.
One of the performers, Les Covenay, has a song (I think it's one of his own) called Helicopter Ride, which he performed with lots of additional solos from other performers round the room. There were also a few nods to International Womens' Day in the song choices - I couldn't resist doing I Hate Men from Kiss Me Kate - and Susan read poems about insects, including the bumble bee which shouldn't be able to fly according to the aeronautical engineer, but does anyway. She also performed a La Fontaine poem about the cicada and the ant in English and French, to the delight of some French visitors at the bar.
There was also Tom on his fiddle, Rae on her cello, Sara on her drum, John Banjo and Mark with his new banjo (as well as the usual blues and acoustic guitars), Lesley on ukelele, Dave on guitar and foot pedal operated cajon (the drum box you sit on) and a variety of other guitars - and Neil doing unaccompanied Scottish songs. It was also close to the anniversary of the sinking of the Herald of Free Enterprise, so Dave did a song about that. There's always plenty of variety in the song choices.

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