Thursday, 2 March 2017

St David's Day Celebrations at the Baskerville Acoustic Evening

Sometimes, we have a theme for the evening, and yesterday it was Welshness, so there were poems by Dylan Thomas and RS Thomas, and even some songs in Welsh, including Calon Lan.
Tommo brought along the banner of Owain Glyndwr to hang across the front of the bar - he's just lost his dog, Hector, a friendly spaniel who used to greet everyone in the bar, so one of the pieces I chose to read out was about a Celtic dog (an Irish re-telling of the Odyssey, where only the old dog recognises Ulysses when he comes home at last).
There were also more modern songs from Wales, from the likes of the Stereophonics and Bonnie Tyler, and original songs from Thomasin (snowfall on the Rhondda) and Bob (the Heart of Wales line). As ever, a good time was had by all!

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