Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Keep the Hay Ho Bus Rolling

The spring newsletter for the Hay Ho Sunday bus service is now out from Drover Holidays - and the good news is that the fares are staying the same.
The bad news is that numbers using the service have gone down over the autumn and winter months.
Although they receive a small grant from Herefordshire County Council and Powys County Council, they also need supporters among the community for the service to continue - this includes local bed and breakfast establishments along the route, and the likes of Addyman Books and Eighteen Rabbit in Hay - or anyone who is interested in the bus service continuing to operate.
So they have a suggestion - many of the pubs along the bus route do food on Sundays, and the bus times make it easy to go for a short walk and then lunch in the local pub without worrying about driving home.
For the May Bank Holiday, when the Hay Ho bus will be running, which is also during Hay Festival, the team have organised a 4 to 5 mile walk with bus ride, using the 11.55 bus from Hay to Hardwick, and walking back along the Wye Valley walk. Les Lumsden and Mike Ledlie have both written local walking books, and Les also has a blog called Slow Travel in the Marches (also the name of his book).

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