Saturday, 29 April 2017

Small Business Saturday - Mayalls to Let

Mayall's the Jewellers closed a little while ago, and has been quietly sitting there behind the black wooden shutters.
Today, the shutters are down, and a "To Let" sign is in the window.
All trace of the jeweller's shop has been swept away - the partition wall across the middle of the building has gone without trace, leaving it open to the back wall, where there is another outside door and a window, and a fireplace. The staircase runs across the middle of the room at a slant, and the old floorboards have been revealed - black, and wide, and very old.
I peered in the window with the lady who has a spinning wheel on the Saturday market. She could just see herself spinning in there - though she doesn't really want to be tied to running a shop. She prefers the freedom of just doing the markets when she wants to. It could be a pretty card or gift shop, or something of that sort.

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