Thursday, 27 April 2017

This Week's Interesting Events

Interesting things have been happening all this week, and I'm only just now taking an interest in the world again - and reading my emails to find out what's going on.

On Saturday, a phone call I missed turned out to be one of the ladies from Stitch and Bitch asking if I wanted to go to Wonderwool - which would have been a wonderful day out if I'd been well enough.

On Monday, Emma Balch hosted an evening at Pottery Cottage, Clyro, with three of the book artists whose work is in shop windows around town. About 25 people turned up, and it sounds as if it was a really enjoyable evening.

More seriously, tonight is a Special General Meeting of the Bronllys Well Being Park at Bronllys Hospital, 7pm, to talk about their progress and to vote on the new Bronllys Well Being Park (CLT) Ltd Board.

One thing which I'd been looking forward to for a while is the Campfire Convention meeting at the Old Electric Shop on Saturday, from 7pm until late. I've been on the fringes of testing their website (I haven't been as active as I would like, what with one thing and another) and it sounds like a really interesting evening of conversation, talking about global issues and local concerns, grass-roots democracy and anything else that is sparked off by the discussion. I don't think I'll have the energy to do that and then totter into work the following morning! The evening costs a suggested donation of £3, and Pete Lawrence has a website at

Also, the University of Cusop Dingle is meeting tonight, Thursday, at the Swan at 7pm. Chris Bradshaw will be presenting a talk called The Dead Man's History of the Universe - and King Richard will be at the Swan at 6pm on May 1st to celebrate his 40th anniversary of Glorious Rule, to which he invites all his loyal subjects!

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