Saturday, 3 June 2017

Artisans at Hay

Today the Artisans in Hay are in the Buttermarket, including one lady who has an impressive array of animal skulls, painted with flowers and butterflies. There's also a monumental blacksmith, a regular to the Festival, with giant metal flowers, jewellery, wooden apples and pears, pottery, and a chap who was sculpting a chicken out of clay. He had several finished sculptures behind him, of chickens doing amusing things (one, entitled "Chick Flick", was holding an old camera), and hares - "Mincing my Words" had the hare turning the handle of an old fashioned mincing machine, with pages of old books being fed into it.
Up by the old HSBC bank there was a man playing a didgeridoo.
And it's Paul Harris's last day opening Oxford House bookshop today - he's going to spend the next three weeks frantically packing before he moves to Spain. I saw him dashing down the street with an arm full of packing materials to pack his pictures.

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