Sunday, 18 June 2017

Costumes for Hay Theatre Group

Sue from Hay Theatre noticed my post where I mentioned I had some medieval costumes for sale, and yesterday she came round to have a look at them. They haven't got anything planned in the near future set in the Middle Ages, but she took about half of what I had on the grounds that it would be useful in due course.
It was quite fun getting them all out and talking about the costumes - how silk dresses were made out of rectangles, so as not to waste any of the precious fabric (I made a linen copy of a 13th century silk dress), and were medieval clothes really that brightly coloured? The linen dress is a bright Turkey red, a genuine medieval colour made with all sorts of disgusting ingredients like sheep poo and lamb's blood! (Mine uses modern dye!).
And then there's the blue velvet surcoat, which I made before I discovered that, in the 13th century, velvet hadn't been invented yet - but I kept for occasions when I didn't need to be completely authentic.
And then there's the All Purpose Peasant Dress - which I've used for every period from the Iron Age to the 15th century!
It's nice to see the costumes going to a good home, where they'll get good use out of them.

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