Monday, 26 June 2017

The Doomed Bench

I was standing at the counter at the Cinema Bookshop when I heard the bang. It wasn't particularly loud, but when I looked up, I saw a car up on the pavement across the road, and another car stopped in the road. The drivers were getting out to talk to each other and inspect the damage.
Later, it became clear that the car on the pavement had driven right into the new bench next to the BT cabinets, and demolished it.
The new bench had only just been put in a week or so ago - to replace the one that BT took away and then put back, much lower than the original. There had been a length of concrete under each leg, which made the seat up to a reasonable height, and those pieces never made it back. There was a lot of correspondence between the Town Council and BT on the subject.
And finally, there was the new bench, with the brass plaque commemorating Arnold Wesker.... and now it's gone again.
Gareth Ratcliffe is looking for a replacement - I hope it lasts a bit longer than this one!

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