Friday, 24 November 2017

A Calendar from Botany And Other Stories

Everyone's very excited about Matt Lucas being the special guest who turns on the Christmas Lights, but there's more happening this evening as well. Every year now, local groups take over the marquee in the market square, and this year the Hay School stall will be selling a neat little calendar produced by Botany and Other Stories, with help from the children of Hay-on-Wye and Beyond. I think the youngest child taking part was only a year old, and the oldest was twelve, and many of them go to Hay School, or the pre-school group.
A little while ago, I was invited to the art studio, on Bear Street, of Francoise, a French lady who has come to live in Hay with her husband Pierre. She was in the planning stages of designing the calendar at the time and showed me some of the original artwork that she'd been working with the children on. She was very keen to do something creative with children, and to give something to the local community.
Last night, she slipped the finished article through my letter box, with a note. Each month has a picture which can be used as a postcard, with a bookmark at the bottom showing the dates of the month (and the month is written in English, Welsh and French), and the question "Which flower have you spotted this month?" with a space for the answers.
The calendar will also be available, in the run up to the New Year, in Londis, Golesworthy's, Rawhide, Llewelyn and Company and Country Supplies.
The money raised from sales of the calendar will go to Hay School and the Warren Trust.
It's a perfect stocking filler for Christmas....

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