Thursday, 23 November 2017

Winter Festival

So the first talks of the Winter Festival were today - there's a big marquee on the beast market by the Swan Hotel, which is a new departure for the Festival this year. In previous years they've used existing public rooms around Hay (of course, we no longer have a community centre - thanks, Powys County Council....).
In the square, the marquee is going up for the Food Fair on Saturday and Hay Does Vintage on Sunday. It will also be used by local groups tomorrow night for the Turning On of the Christmas Lights, by Matt Lucas. (Last weekend, Joanna Lumley turned on the Christmas Lights in Brecon, because of her association with the Gurkhas, and huge crowds attended).
All the shops have put up special displays in their windows, like this one from Mostly Maps:

And later this evening I'm heading for the Old Electric Shop for music and cocktails.

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