Monday, 20 November 2017

Eating Out Around Hay

or What I Did On My Holidays.

When my Young Man comes to visit, we always like to eat out as much as we can (this is not a comment on my cooking skills, or his!) and as usual we managed quite a variety of meals.

We started out with the now traditional dash across the road to the chip shop on the evening he arrived, which we ate while watching one of the DVDs he'd brought with him to share with me.

On Monday, we were in Hereford, of which more later, and on Tuesday we met up with the Ladies Who Lunch at the Old Electric Shop. As an honorary Lady Who Lunches, the Young Man wore his kilt!

Vegetarian delights were consumed, including the Old Electric Shop's Buddha Bowl, soups and salads, with tea for some and apple juice for others.
We had thought to go on to Booth's Café for scones, but they close on a Tuesday.

On Thursday, we were going to pick something up from the Market, but ended up in Beer Revolution, which is now doing a variety of Tex Mex style food, and pizzas. The pizzas are on sale only on Fridays and Saturdays, so I went for the spicy soup and the Young Man went for the Quesadilla (I think that's the spelling - it was made with blue corn), which he liked very much. He also managed to find some beer there that he hadn't seen in London.
In the evening, we went to Kilvert's to try out the Hay Tap's pie and pint. Previously we have gone all the way to Brecon on the bus for this, but now it's on our doorstep. We both had the game pie, which was awesome, though the vegetables were perhaps a little underdone.

And we finished the week off in Red Indigo, feasting on Indian food. He had the Pathia (which is actually Persian), and I had the lamb Jaypuri, with Keema naan, garlic naan and vegetable rice (maybe we ordered just a little too much - we tried very hard but couldn't quite finish everything).

So we managed to eat our way around the world without leaving Hay!

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